Everything is changing! So am I and these pages will develop with me topics might change from time to time. heart


The Celestine Prophecy is a wonderful instrument for personal work with our consciousness; companion for life that I work with for a long time and still with pleasure. The diversity of topics offer the right thing for everyone anytime and allow consistant development. Celestine is a superordinate concept that combines all themes under one name. "Everything is Celestine" - in every theme we have Celestine, everything is part of Celestine topics. Same goes with other modules I work with.

The Reconnection
© is one of these important modules. To me it is the healing part to the Celestine-Coaching for consciousness. Reconnective Healing© for inbalance and illness, and The Reconnection© for our personal development - both can do much for us, change so much, that I want to share this knowledge about our selfhealing abilities with as many people as possible.

Living on Light
is the third part of my passion. This topic is not only about food itself, but about what it can do to help our development of consciousness and personal evolution though eating "light". Which path you choose to go is up to you - my it be for example vegetarism, veganism or even living on light (breatharians, pranism). To me it is important to share other points of view, open horizons and give space for exchange about these things.


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