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This forum about living on light is a place for you to share questions, experiences and more.
Dieses Forum zu Lichtnahrung ist einen Ort für den Austausch von Fragen, Erfahrungen und mehr.

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#1 20.02.2014 19:29:27

From: Hoppensen (Germany)
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Welcome to my Living on Light forum.

Here I want to provite a place for exchange about living on light. It is for people interested in living on light and those who already are living on light.
I want to create a place for you to ask questions, start open minded discussions, get to know people (in your area?), have contact to those with same interest in living on light and have an exchange about topics all around living on light.

To provite a secure place with honest and open minded people I ask you to follow the procedure:

1. create an account
2. within 48 hours send me a message with information about yourself:

Why do you want to join this forum?
Where are you from?
What are your experiences with living on light so far?
Did you do the process? (If yes: When did you do your process?)
Something else you want to share as introduction? Feel free to add your personal message!

Please klick here to register (then return to this post, copy the questions) and click here to send me a message with your answers. smile

3. wait for my approval to your membership. - Only after I get your message I will agree to your membership!

(Attention! If I don't get the message from you within 48 hours after your registration the e-mail will be banned as spam from this forum)

Thank you!

Love & Light


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