Pranic Meeting

Next Pranic Meeting: Summer Camp in August - still places available

Participation only with registration - for registration please email me!

A gathering for pranic people and those on their way to be - Enjoying a synchronistic time together.



Participation: Pranic people and those who want to be/will be.

Location: Hoppensen (Dassel), Lower Saxony



  • Simple sleeping possibilities in the house available: caravan, tent, barn;
  • With too cold weather, we will arrange shared sleeping in the seminar and the session room.
  • For more comfortable sleeping please choose a holiday flat or room in the neigbouring villages Lauenberg or Markoldendorf.
    German links HERE - for help, let me know.


Order of the Meet:

Arrival starting Friday Evening, starting 8pm -  or Saturday morning.

  • Earlier arrivals please only on special occassion and with my consent.

Saturday till Monday - Exchange and deepening of pranic topics, mini-workshops possible

  • If you want to share a mini workshop or other offering with the group, feel free to let me know. Translation will be made possible.
  • Please keep your offerings free for all participants.
  • Topics will be interesting for pranic people - but also those who are not yet!
  • The possibility of a movie night and/or sauna evening will be talked about with the other participants.
Tuesday - relaxed conclusion and departure
  • We want to conclude the meet in a relaxed mood, maybe look back at the meet, what the experienced, learned,... and what we will take with us home.
  • Morning and Midday are open for offerings from us to us.
  • Departure when and how to yor preferences.

The Pranic meetings until now were wonderful!
We meet to have an exchange and to strenghthen the pranic network.
Also it should be a possibility for those who are interested in this life style to have an exchange with pranic people.

The meets take place the tiny village Hoppensen (Dassel), in a former farmers house where spiritual meetings are regular, with seminar room, session room and tea-kitchen, sauna and with a big garden and some possibilities for sleep-overs (in summer).

Eating or not is free to decide for everyone on their own. A small kitchen is available for cooking if necessary.



Registration directly with the contact form: Registration

For organisational reasons please tell me

- if you eat or not

- if you take care of your food yourself or if I should take care of it

- from when to when you'll be at the meeting (you don't HAVE to take part all 4 days)

- if you need to be fetched from the train station (train stations name: Salzderhelden/Einbeck)




if you need help, please let me know. Feel free to ask