Please let me introduce myself...

My name is Natanja Hanna Elisabeth, to explain that "strange" title of this homepage right in the beginning.

As someone being with a sensitive tendency ever since and the luck to be able to grow up in a family with the knowledge that there are more things in this world as most people in this world are aware of, I began to study Esoteric and Spirituality in my teens. This is part of my life till nowadays and I decided early that this is the work I want to do: to assist other people in their development and help them to solve their problems.

After some years with Spirituality as something more negligible, it returned to become more important again and I arranged my path of life more and more around it. This didn't just improved my well-being enormously, it even helped my development and took me quite some steps forward. That's why I want to share my knowledge with others, to help them with their own development as well.

One of my first spiritual books I got to read back then was "The Celestine Prophecy", which accompanied me ever since then - sometimes more and sometimes less intensely. But these insights never left me, which was part of what led me to my task to teach others about these insights to help them with their spiritual development and with this to form a better lifestyle.

Another area which fascinate me and I went along with many years is nutrition. As being a vegetarian for many years I decided to go the next step in my development and switched to veganism. To me organic food is part of this with all means. But with just that this issue isn't complete since there is much to say about nutrition in spiritual ways too. As part of a conscious diet is the difference between food which gives us energy and food which takes energy from us. As well as "Living on Light" is more and more an issue people want to know more about and want talk about. That's why I want to form a forum named "Light&Nutrition" where interested people can be in exchange about spiritual and conscious nutrition.

(I have to note here, that I am not a nutritionist and I don't want to be one. For me what counts is the exchange about experiences and informations among each other. There is the possibility to invite specialists in nutrition to a talk to broaden our horizon.)

In summer 2012 I finally found what I was waiting for since long ago: I learned about The Reconnection© by Eric Pearl. To me this was like a gasp of relief, because Eric Pearl had the answers to all my questions that had come up during my years of spiritual development. He was one of the teachers I was waiting for. And like this I took the chance and took part in the seminars in October 2012 to learn to be Reconnective Healing© Practitioner and The Reconnection© Practitioner. With this I got a new sphere of action: Reconnective Healing© Sessions to help others to go back into Balance - and with The Reconnection© as an amazing method to push the personal development!

With this a new part of my life began and I look forward to what is coming! heart


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