Energy Exchange / Payment


Most of my offers I want to do with the principle of an Energy Exchange on your own choice (like a donation). This means you pay as much as you think is appropriate and not more than financially is possible at the moment.

Please remember that my offerings are an Exchange - a Give and Take, the cosmic principle. Everything stays in a flow.

With every offer  work has to be done, like preparations, costs of material, rooms, heating, food/drinks.

It's about creating a Balance that everyone is happy with, because this is an important aspect! 

We will find the fitting solution, just ask me. heart

Thank you for honoring my part of the exchange.


Inspiring to this kind of exchange there were the
Celestine Prophecy and
Johann Koesnner, who is on the same path when it comes to payment. It works! It is the future!



Possible ways of payment:

- Cash

- Paypal

- Bank transfer

About more possibilities contact me



Because for many people it still is easier to have a cost orientation, I will write down an approximate value - which is not obligatory though:


- lectures/speeches with talk rounds & other short meetings: 15,-€

- workshops: at least 60,-€/day

- Reconnective Healing Session (one-on-one or distance): 75,-€
  (incl. short briefing before and after the session)

- One-on-One-Session: negotiable