Celestine Prophecy

James Redfield with his Celestine books created an amazing spiritual literary Work.

His first book, The Celestine Prophecy, with nine insights was published in the early 90th. Since then he came up with The 10th Insight,  The secret of Shambala (the 11th Insight) and The 12th Prophecy, plus several non-fiction books, a Celestine-Book for children, CD’s and books with Meditations and of course the Celestine movie about the first nine insights.

The Celestine series is written as novel, which makes it easy for beginners to get started in the matter of spirituality and esoterics – well, it was like that for me. James Redfield managed to put spiritual wisdom wonderfully easy into a story to make it available and understandable for everyone.

In Addition the insights of the prophecies are incredibly good to integrate in daily life, to work with and to create a new and better life – to develop mind and spirit. For me, these books are my little Bible - a work to read again and again to go a step further in development of my life.

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