Living with the Celestine Prophecy

The Celestine Prophecy Insights can enrich our life and support our (spiritual) development into a more complete human.

And these Insights aren't new at all - on the contrary they contain the old knowledge and wisdom from all over the world, they just have to be rediscovered, so anybody has to wonder if they are reminded of Buddhist knowledge while internalizing the Insights for example.

Integrating the Insights into every day life sure can be an intense experience which turns some things in life inside out, if you allow it. How deep the changes will take you is up to everyone themselves. We all are standing at another point of our evolvement and have other tasks to solve. So it's important to look into your own position at the moment and where to go next in your development. Here the Celestine Prophecy can give assistance.

For many people it's easier to work together in a group. Groups offer a platform for exchange with people of the same kind and for solving problems together when a solution for one alone seems nearly impossible. That's why I offer discussion groups, short seminars, intensely seminars and workshops to the Celestine Prophecy to study the Insights and try to integrate them into our every day life.

How do I learn to sense Synchronicities? How do I recognize control-dramas? And even more important: How do I deal with them, inside me or when encounter then in other people? What is there to learn about energy or the battles of power? Or how do I deal with visions and dreams? - These are just few questions of what we talk about in our goups.

Personally I like to  work with the handbooks to the Insights by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne: there are summaries to every chapter, detailed explanations of the background knowledge and nice examples and exercises, for single sessions or group sessions. I can add tnformative material from other sources to give another point of view to the Insights. For example I take the meditations of the "Golden Light Project" by Renata and Steven Ash (see Golden Light Project), or I give explanations by Dieter Broers for Synchronicity or energy. Then there is the "Complaintfree World Program" by Will Bowen, that fits perfectly to our work with control-dramas, or Eric Pearl und healing work in form of Reconnective Healing© that can be done by everyone and shows that we all are healers!
These examples make it clear that the "Insights" are actually everywhere, just in other names. That is why I named my lecture "Everything is Celestine", because we can find "Celestine" everywhere - just in different "clothes".


If you are interested in further information or in Groups, Seminars and Workshops please feel free to use the contact form.