Short descriptions of all of the 12 Insights:

(taken from the Books "Die Erkenntnisse von Celestine - Das Handbuch zur Arbeit with the "Nine Insightsn" by James Redfield and Carol Adrienne and "Die zwölfte Prophezeiung von Celestine" by James Redfield - translated myself)

  1. A critical Mass

Coincidences which determine our lives

With passing the critical number of individuals who understand their path of life as evolvement of a spiritual process, the awakening of a new spiritual consciousness will be induced - we start to a journey where we will be directed by mysterious coincidences.


  1. The extended Now

The extension of the historical relation

This start represents the creation of a new, more complete picture of the world as the 500 years old school of preoccupation with earthly struggle of survival and material comfort could give us. Although working with technological aspects of our humankind was an important step in our evolvement, the cognition of the meaningful coincidences in our life will open us to the perception of the real reason of our being here on this planet and reveal the true nature of the universe.


  1. A Question of Energy

First we recognize that we don't live in a material, stable universe, but in a big field of permanent changing, dynamic energies. Everything around us is made of energy fields that humans can sense intuitive. In addition we got the talent to project our energy through concentration in every direction we wish for ("Where our awareness goes to, the energy flows to, too"), to influence our energy systems one another and increase the number of positive "coincidences" in our lives.


  1. Battle for Power

Far too often humans cut themselves off from the big origin of this energy and because of that they feel weak and doubtful. To gain energy we force others to give us attention and with this they grant us energy. If we are able to dominate others like this we feel more powerful while the others feel weaker and in consequence they fight back. The challenge about human energy is the cause of all conflicts between people.


  1. Message of the Mystic

Insecurity and violence will end when we feel an inner connection with the divine source, a connection which was portrayed by the mystics of all schools. One of the criterion for the existence of this connection is a feeling of light heartedness and activity as well as a constant feeling of love. With these signs given the connection with the divine source is the real thing, if they are not there the connection is just assumed.


  1. Purification of the Past

The longer we are able to keep this connection, the more obvious we are aware of a disconnection which is normally the case if stress comes to our life. In these situations we can see clear our strategies to steal energy from others. With gaining consciousness about our own manipulative behavior our connection with the divine source stabilizes and we are able to see our path of inner growth and to realize our inflicted spiritual task and with its acceptation we take part in the well-being of the world.


  1. Arriving of the Flow of Energy

The knowledge about our personal task of live strengthens the flow of the seemingly curious coincidences. First we have a question, then dreams, short after that day dreams and in the end an intuition that leads us to the answers, answers that typically come to us through the wisdom of another person and that increase.


  1. Interpersonal Ethics

We are able to increase the coincidences by replying friendly to every person we face. It's important to pay attention that the mentioned inner connection doesn't get lost in romantic relations. To reply friendly to other persons is especially powerful in bigger groups because then every member can feel the energy of the others. With children a friendly approach is especially important for there sense of security. By seeking the beauty in every face we arise ourselves to the wisest form of our counterpart and rise the chance to notice a message meant for us.


  1. Appearance of a Culture

While every one of us goes for accomplishment of a spiritual task the technological aspects of our survival will be totally automated for that we can focus completely on our synchronous growth. This growth will lead humankind to higher and higher energetic stages until our bodies finally transform a pure form of energy and we connect the present dimension of our existence with the dimension of the afterlife and with that we overcome the cycle of birth and death.


  1. To hold onto the Vision

The tenth Insight describes that while the whole history of humankind individuals tried again and again to fulfill this lived spirituality. Everyone of us comes with a task into this life. By being aware about that we can remember a more complete birth vision of what we want to achieve in our individual life. In addition we can remember our collective world-vision, which is to work together to create a new spiritual culture. The challenge on this way is to keep this vision alive every day by concentrated intention and prayer.


  1. Sending fields of Prayer

The eleventh Insight gives us a precise method how to keep the vision alive. Since centuries religious writings, poems and philosophical work point out to a latent existing power of mind, which is within every human and influences the future in a mystical way. It is called the power of believe, positive thinking or power of prayer. Today we take this power serious enough to push it more into public consciousness. We discover that this power of prayer is a field of attention that emanates from us and which we can expand and empower, especially when we connect with others in a collective vision. This is the power helping us to keep the collective vision of a spiritual world alive and build up enough energy in us and others to bring this vision into reality.


  1. Integration of all Insights

The twelfth Insight and Integration tells us to stay tuned and in the awareness that gives us all the other abilities: presentiments to guard us, intuitive messages, relationships on the basis of Agape, an opening to full cognition and of course messages from the afterlife. If enough people can keep this tune and this connection, the plan can evolve to a conscious part of the human culture.

(summary by me)