Living on Light

"Living on Light" combines topics like Pranism (or Breatharians), spiritual or conscious nutrition and Light Workers.

To me nutrition as topic isn't just something important because I love to cook and bake, but because a healthy nutrition can bring extensive pros. People living vegetarian - or vegan, raw food - experience improvements not just on the physical level (like improving their senses) but reach higher vibration stages - that again pushes (spiritual) development.

A step further is Living on Light (Pranism). With this we can reach even higher level of energy and vibration because we become a pure medium because of the "light nutrition"/prana. But not everyone likes the idea not to eat anymore.

The first step is always to be conscious about your own way of nutrition, then change and achieve improvement. I'd like to give a hand to those who seek assistance.


What I can offer:

Lectures, speeches: If you are interested please contact me by using the contact form.

Positive group discussions are activating and inspiring. Because exchange with like-minded people and the knowing about others  taking the same task improves power and helps to keep on going.

Single sessions I provide gladly, too, if you are more comfortable in a one-to-one-session.

Guiding through the Living on Light process.



More about "Living on Light" you can find HERE (Living on Light at the task bar).