Living on Light

Living on light - what does it mean?

It means to live on Light/Prana/Ambrosia/Chi/Qi/Ki/Love only and being nurished like this without a need of physical food any more.

This topic - Living on Light/Pranism - is an interesting and controversal topic at the same time. It creates a range of reactions.

If you never heard about it before, you might think about it as unbelievable - or more like unpossible. And even if you heard about it before, for example Saints who lived without food, then you might think you need to be a Saint to do this or even then you still think its unpossible. But it's not like this!

If someone tells us Living on Light is possible for everyone of us you can believe in it or not. We may be fascinated but don't think we are able to do it. For most people this topic is still far away.

Ways to Living on Light

There are different ways to Living on Light/Pranism. You should know this topic is to be found all over the world in all cultures since ancient times. So it not something new or unnatural.


Living on Light Process by Jasmuheen

In this Process you undergo a spiritual inauguration that cause this side effect being able to live without food. This process was channeled in the 1990 and was since then done by many people all over the world.

For this process that lasts 21 days it's good to retreat from every day life and taking time for yourself. Some people prefer doing this process on their own, others prefer doing it in groups to share this experience. It is an intense time for our personal development - we are shown our personal topics and life tasks to finish them and let them go.

After this 21 days the process is finished and stays forever.

So againt the opinion of many, that after you eat again the 21 day process is nullified, your ability to be food-free stays and one could go back to it anytime. It depends only on ones personal consciousness about it.

Book recommendations: "Living on Light" by Jasmuheen or another by Michael Werner.

A slow way to Living on Light

In one of her lectures, Jasmuheen tells us about a 5 years plan to bring us to Living on Light.

Year 1: being Vegetarian
Year 2: being Vegan

Year 3: Raw food
Year 4: Fruitarian
Year 5: Just Drinking

Here you have an additional plus of letting your social surroundings - and especially family - adapt slowly to the new situation.


Other Living on Light Processes

Since some years, more and more different Living of Light processes came up and known in internet via different people in different countries. So everyone can choose what feels best for themselves.

There are shorter processes, processes with only water for the whole time... and so on.

Since my personal preference was and is still the 21 days by Jasmuheen, I don't follow the other processes much. You can find further information online.


Sun Gazing

Sun Gazing is a method mentioned in the documentary "In the Beginning there is Light" for example.

Through regular gazing into the sun our body restructures in that way that we are able to live without food. More information in Sun Gazing.




My story

I am one of those who heard about this phenomenon several years ago. In his book "Autobiography of a Yogi" Paramahansa Yogananda desbribes two women who were Living on Light. One of them is Yogini Giri Bala in India and the other one Therese Neumann from Konnersreuth in Germany. Yogananda met both.  At this point the idea of living on light myself was still far away. But let me say it this way: The seed was planted.

At this point I should note, that I converted to vegetarism in the age of 18 and not just because of this my diet didn't match the normal standards any more. After many years it actually just was natural to me to decide for a vegan way of live - just one more step in a direction I didn't know at that point of time.

With the knowledge that everything is energy it was clear to me, that it might be a matter of principle to be able to be living on light and to create everything we want. We just had to learn it! This became on of my inner goals, even if I believed, it would be a long time until I could reach this goal - but it was clear to me, that I would make it  for real in this life!

Like this I was living for a long time, this goal as background. It became clear more and more, that my way of living was getting off the average more and more - well I never was average anyway. All concepts which I was told - like: "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", "drink at least 3 liters per day", "you need this and that nutrient to be able to live" - these were leading me to nowhere, even if I tried to live in this way to have a better health.

Here I have to point out, that this is my personal experience! I just can tell about what I experienced. This is my reality/experience and that doesn't mean yours has to be the same!

One time I saw a woman in an afternoon talk show who pointed out she was living on light. She was laughed at and nobody believed her. Here I sat and told myself: "Yes of cause, why not, why should this not be possible?" I believed in her. But that was it at that time.

After many years - my diet was changing more and more, too - I came across an article on in Internet ( The topic was a Indian Yogi who agreed to a scientific examination, which without fail brought to light, that this Yogi was living on light - without eating and drinking! That this news reached the WWW in an official article in the news, was the beginning of the triumphal procession about the knowledge about living on light! It was clear that humans would believe one day and understand, that a life through light alone is possible!

At that point in time I was into spiritual and esoteric themes more and more and came in contact with channeling and other things. That was when I came across an interview with channel medium Gabi Teroerde who was talking about her Living on Light Process. In their book "Aufbruch ins Goldene Zeitalter" (Departure to the Golden Age - just German Version until now) written by Gabi Teroerde and Siegfried Trebuch, the theme Living on Light has its own chapter, too.

Then the German Film "At the Beginning there was Light" was released. Prompt this film was ordered and watched. Finally people I knew they were there got faces! It became more personal you could say. It now became a realm of possibility and more easy to get in the Morphogenetic Field of the non-eater - whose number was higher than I thought. About Jasmuheen I hadn't heard about till then. All this was happening in autumn 2011.

Living on Light - a disputed topic. Some shrug it off as unbelievable, some are fascinated but think about it as not reachable, others are scared. But for some it is not just fascinating but the truth and maybe even a goal in life.

There are several ways leading to living on light. One is the famous Living on Light process Jasmuheen is teaching. Then there is Sun Gazing taught by Hira Ratan Manek worldwide. And there are the experiences from channel medium Gabi Teroerde, who reached Living on Light trough fasting. Basic for this way is, to hear the call for it, because a logical decision wouldn't bring any success. The feeling has to be the right one, it must feel right and good.

At this point I want to note that I believe that most of us even now are living on light - in addition to the "normal" diet. To me this is part of the natural process of development of humankind. The decision to live just on light already, in other words to feed yourself with cosmic energy, it up to everyones own decision.

I myself decided to go for the Living on Light process by Jasmuheen, an intense experience which enriched my life and pushed my personal development enormously. Important is to note, that the so called "Living of Light Process" is an esoteric inauguration which side effect is the ability to live without nutrition. So it's not the point of eating or not eating, but a spiritual development, and this is what I experienced, too.

These who went through the Living on Light Process will maybe find themselves in a world which isn't just nice to people who are living on light. Even so I want to inform about this topic. I want to give information and talk and exchange about it, which is motivating more and more people to start thinking. Although to me it is not just living on light alone, but a conscious diet with spiritual and ecological aspects. Food has the ability to bring our vibration to higher level - or to lower ones! - and in this way it is an important point to many people, not just from the healthy point of view. Because of that, I want to create a platform for interested people to give them the opportunity to get to know like-minded people, to have an exchange and to be able to learn from each other.


I successfully did my 21-day-process in 2012 and started to give speeches about living on light more or less right away.

I re-did my 21-day-process (of course it's not needed, I just as curious what might happen) in the end of 2014. Since then I got even more to my core, myself, my power.

After being offered to assist a living on light retreat with Christopher in 2013, I loved this wonderful assisting "work" in the living on light retreats in Italy (South Tyrol) in Spring and Autumn. In 2015 I joined the summer retreats in Lanzarote as well. It's intense work and inspiring at the same time. Every group is different and special. To see all those wonderful beings going through similar experiences in these 21 days and to know every year there are more and more people living on light, is a wonderful knowledge. The more people decide to take this path, the easier it becomes for following inspired souls.

Since 2015 I added Breatharian Meetings to my scedule. I have the feeling we - as breatharians, pranics - are now at a point in need of a stronger network and exchange. This is why I created the forum and now added the meetings. I plan one big meeting in July every year at my home. Now and then I'll add smaller ones in Spring and Autum. The first big meeting was a big success. And not only breatharians are invited. Those who are interested and on their way to become a breatharian are invited, too.

In 2016 I ended my assisting work elsewhere and started to assist people through the process on my own and from my home, which is now my favorite base for pranic work. Several pranic meets per year add to my work and strengthen the pranic network - in my area and further.... even international.

February 2018 we created a local pranic group - yes, we are that many now - to meet and exchange regularly.


Looking back my life absolutely improved at lot through the combination of living on light and the Reconnection (that found me as well in 2012). This is my way and this is what I want to share with all of you! (More about The Reconnection you can find at