Pranic Meeting

Next Pranic Meeting: Summer Camp July 15th to 17th 2022 - still places available

Participation only with registration - for registration please email me!

A gathering for pranic people and those on their way to be - Enjoying a synchronistic time together.


Participation: Pranic people and those who want to be/will be.

Location: Hoppensen (Dassel), Lower Saxony



  • Simple sleeping possibilities in the house available: caravan, tent, barn;
  • With too cold weather, we will arrange shared sleeping in the seminar and the session room.
  • For more comfortable sleeping please choose a holiday flat or room in the neigbouring villages Lauenberg or Markoldendorf.
    German links HERE - for help, let me know.


Order of the Meet:

Main day will be Saturday by experience, when the local pranic people join for the day.

Otherwise we don't make fixed plans for the meet, since the group will organize and synchronistically enjoy everything that will happen.

If you want to share something with the group - like a speech, music, .... - let me know or do it spontaneously when you are here.

The Pranic meetings until now were wonderful!
We meet to have an exchange and to strenghthen the pranic network.
Also it should be a possibility for those who are interested in this life style to have an exchange with pranic people.

The meets take place the tiny village Hoppensen (Dassel), in a former farmers house where spiritual meetings are regular, with seminar room, session room and tea-kitchen, sauna and with a big garden and some possibilities for sleep-overs (in summer).

Eating or not is free to decide for everyone on their own. A small kitchen is available for cooking if necessary.



Registration directly with the contact form: Registration

For organisational reasons please tell me

- if you eat or not

- if you take care of your food yourself or if I should take care of it

- from when to when you'll be at the meeting (you don't HAVE to take part all 4 days)

- if you need to be fetched from the train station (train stations name: Salzderhelden/Einbeck)




if you need help, please let me know. Feel free to ask