Sun Gazing (Hira Ratan Manek) 

"Sun gazing" means to look into the sun and we do it this way:

In secure time we look into the sun - this secure time are:
first hour after sunrising and last hour before sunset.

We beginn with maximal 10 seconds and add maximal 10 seconds every (sunny) day.

When reaching 15 minutes daily (after 3 months - if sun was constantly shining) we are free from mental illnesses. (Phase 1)

When reaching 30 minutes daily (after 6 months constant sun) we are free from physical illnesses. (Phase 2)

When reaching 45 minutes daily (after 9 month constant sun) we are free from the need of physical food. (Phase 3)


It's up to us to stop after each phase - to remain in a phase.

And we don't need to start anew when expericening some days without sun. We just go on where we left off (Example: day 5 is a rainy day, day 6 we have sun again, so we do 50 seconds an day 6)

For further information please look for the book "Sun Gazing" with lectures of Hira Ratan Manek or watch the videos below:


Lecture on Youtube from Hira Ratan Manek about Sun Gazing: