My story about

"Reconnective Healing©" und "The Reconnection©":

When my friend told me about her work, the word "Reconnection" came up with just a few comments. But as I heard, it was a fix in my head and I had the feeling:

"That is what I want - and I want it now!"

So I asked my friend to tell me more about it and got just the absolutely necessary information - more she didn't want to tell me at that time. I should go through it as unbiased as possible. I am very thankful to her for doing it this way!

Because I had the strong feeling I needed the Reconnection before going to an important event, she did it - even though she was concerned (because of possible aftermath) - before I left for the event soon after. And how could it be otherwise: It was the right thing and the right point in time!

During my second session I had some interesting and clearing insights, which I already follow with great progress.

I just can tell that the Reconnection changed my life and I am curious about what is waiting for my in future! I look forward to it!!!

Not till the Reconnection was over and I came back from the event, I started to look for "Eric Pearl" in Internet, read pages and watched videos. I ordered his Book "The Reconnection" in English and German - read it in English first then (it is just wonderful to read by the way).

Even the book was really inspiring and what came next was my registration for the seminars in Hamburg, which I longed for in the time after booking. I had the feeling much would be decided and begin new. An important point in my development.


Then the time came: my 5 days in Hamburg, where I not just got to know the wonderful, international team of The Reconnection, but in addition enjoyed the Seminars with many other great people! I am very thankful to be able to got to know them.

My enthusiasm grew more and more in this time!

Since some of my worries were blown away right away and my expectations (as far as I had some) were outclassed easily, I went home with a "ok, let's do it - and let's do it now!"-feeling.

Speaking in Eric Pearl's words:

Let's Play!

Life is Joy and Happiness, so I want to give this feeling to you, too - even more than I wanted in the past!

This is my Reconnection-story (so far)... I am curious about the experiences waiting for me, now that I work with these wonderful frequencies.

Thank you!heart